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Logistic information

Meeting room at JLab: CC F226

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                  385 600 867
 Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/385600867

This meeting immediately preceeds the JAPAN meeting, and uses the same room and BlueJeans reservations.


  1. PREX-2 runlist spreadsheet: [1]
    • We think we're nearly finished adding run info into the database and finalizing our run list.
    • Paul should set up a set of scripts to be able to analyze PREX-2 runs on the adaq cluster, now that the data directory has changed.
  2. Status check on various analyses. (Many of these topics are not started yet, but have been or will be discussed soon)
  3. Tao : additional combined plots looking at statistical self-consistency
    • He has scripts to get detector, and beam parameter averages (weighted by detector errors) over the various wien states, and by slug. So far he has not included single arm running. Kent asks for a similar set weighted by the monitor errors, to be able to answer the question 'how well did we control the beam asymmetries?' Tao's script can be rerun as we change the cuts, so we can track the impact of the changes we are making.
    • Caryn suggests developing a scheme that uses the total beam parameter correction to develop the weighting.
    • Kent asks if Tao had started trying to form "pitts". He has not yet, but will start to do that.
    • Discussion of how to deal with single arm running: probably go ahead and include it, with a flag in the summary file
    • We also need to be looking at the right-left and upstream-downstream differences on a slug-to-slug basis, and at the pitt level
  4. Weibin and Tao: table of cuts. [2]
    • From last week, Weibin had created mapfiles on the adaq machines. Aq_FB rootfile: /adaqfs/home/apar/weibin/Aq_FB; run cut extracted from mapfiles: /adaqfs/home/apar/weibin/runcuts
    • He has a google Doc, [3], summarizing some open questions. Cameron had made a fix. We need to have these summarized in the DocDB or the HAPlog.
    • His plots in the google doc include the runs before the PREX-2 dataset.
    • We adjust the beam current cuts to be 15uA below the nominal value (within 5 uA). Weibin should go through and figure out what run ranges we should have which beam current cuts.
    • There are some runs in which the normalizing BCM does not have a stability cut. Are those physics runs? Weibin should check.
  5. Robert: pedestals
    • Robert was working on comparing different pedestal sets within the 70uA running but doesn't have something ready to share
  6. Victoria: beam modulation (raw data quality, residuals)
  7. Devi: blinded tubes
    • He has the beam-off pedestals for the various blinded-tube run periods.
  8. (Cameron?): analog BCM consistency during periods of oscillation
    • He has been focussed on taking test runs in the hall with the RF generator
  9. Overloaded regression (Tao?)
    • He will work with Robert to add the overloaded regression into the farm jobs.
    • The overloaded regression should use all the BPMs in the hall. Include the 1 high-gain cavity BPM (just its positions)
  10. Need help with pair plots [4], stripline and cavity and complementary bpm resolution and performance.
    • Weibin is working on pair plots; Kent says that what we really want to see are multiplet plots. We want to see a raw, regressed, and dither-corrected set of plots.
  11. Other topics please add to list!


Tao, Dmitri, Weibin, Devi, Ryan, Jinlong Cameron, Caryn, Ciprian, Devaki, Kent, Robert R., Sakib, Sangwha