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Logistic information

Meeting room at JLab: No meeting room at JLab

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                  385 600 867
 Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/385600867


Old issues

  1. Issue 275: Change of EPICS variables for the IHWP state
    • This was pulled into operations, but we need to verify it doesn't break PREX-2 analysis before this gets pulled to develop.
  2. Issue 271: Confusing error messages during channel publication
    • Probably a left-over diagnostic, and these error messages can probably be removed
  3. Issue 269: diff* variables are missing in burst and muls trees
    • This is a labeling issue; Paul has a fix in testing
    • Paul will try to get back to this issue to see where he was in the testing
  4. Issue 245: Burp / stability cuts adversely affect Beam Mod
    • Quinn has been in contact with me about a branch in testing; he was having issues getting his environment set up properly to fully test his changes
    • Victoria reports that the issue was in finding the PREX data files on the adaq cluster; I think they are in /adaq2/data1

New issues

  • Devi asks about getting an updated overloaded postpan for certain runs to include ATs. Tao had tried to do this, but ran into directory permission issues. Probably *Robert* needs to run a chmod g+w in the output directories again.
    • What is that status on this?

Respins and ifarm storage

  1. Status of missing output files from PREX-2 respin1
    • Devi had sent the list of runs that he had found missing output files to Robert. It seems like one or two runs in each slug.
    • Robert, Tao, and Sakib have been looking into this: the missing rootfiles may have been due to insufficient volatile space during the early respin period; the missing plots were because the sorting script would get confused if more than one run was being processed at once. The script has been changed to only process the specified run.
  2. Respin of PREX-2 AT dataset
    • The web directory had been set-up. What is the status on doing this respin?
      • The AT respin has been complete. Sakib has put the prompt and respin plots up on the dedicated transverse web pages. There is a little issue with the aggregation though.
        • Cameron suggests that we may want to refactor the aggregation to use the output summary trees as we move forward for the respin. He and Sakib will coordinate on developing this for the AT dataset as the test case.
        • Cameron also suggests that if we're going to use JAPAN regression, we should better document the LRB regression outputs to make it easier for folks to use in the same way as they can work with postpan outputs
  3. Cleanup of the web directory for plots
    • We should also be able to get rid of the files like "run####_###_all.pdf" that are in the individual run subdirectories under the prex2/summary folder, as those PDF files are the concatenation of the other files in the directory.
      • Robert will set up a script to check that the individual PDFs are present and then remove the "all" PDFs
  4. Preparations for CREX respin1
    • What do we need? Pedestal evaluation, dithering correction maps, etc.
      • WACs should go back through their run periods and make good run lists
      • Let's have an initial WAC runlist evaluation discussion meeting on Wednesday, 1 April

Offsite data copies

  • We had the raw data, CREX prompt outputs, and PREX respin1 outputs copied to portable disks. What are the access plans for those?

Other issues


Phone: Adam, Sakib, Cameron, Devi, Dmitrii, Robert R., Siyu, Tao, Victoria, Weibin