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Logistic information

Meeting room at JLab: REMOTE ONLY

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                  613 285 596
 Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/613285596


  1. Devi : AT analysis [HAPLOG 4059]
    • CC: How many patterns or mini-run being cut by device_error_code ? DA: I have done the counting
    • KP: You can look at the quadrature difference of error bars between different detectors or reg vs dit.
    • KP: we should be careful with dithering slopes instability on AT when comparing dithering vs regression correction.
    • VO: pass1 dithering slopes clearly show jump.
    • DA: main detectors subtraction on ATs at multiplet level.
    • KP: I would like to see difference in the detector central values.
    • PK: do we expect slope to be unity? KP: the slope can be flatten and won't be one.
  2. Ryan : Pulse Height Spectra [HAPLOG 4056]
    • KP: Linear y-scale will be helpful. CG: You can also increase bin number.
    • KP: can you estimate a relative rate between detectors from your cut? And check how rate is sensitive to cut threshold?
  3. Victoria: Dithering slopes run ranges [Google sheet RunRangePass2 ]
    • Pass2: Using the sensitivity to determine run ranging. Also using detector sensitivity to judge target degradation. eg. slug 13.
    • Reason for not using slopes at this point is to suppress outliers in the first step.
    • PK: we can evaluate how many data has varying slope. VO: I can take a look at it.
    • Beam mod data: burp cut is too strict and overkill some bmod cycles.
    • KP: can we check if we need burp cut? PK: lets discuss offline.
    • KP: can we have plots for correlation change from target end-of-lifetime? CG: and span the plot at least two hours before we changed the target. VO: will do.
  4. Respin2:
    • CG: do we plan to include combined BCM for charge normalization for respin2?
    • CP: we are trying to settle hodge-podge BCM choice for normalization.
    • KP: we need to document the period when and which BCM gets noisy.
    • CP: the whole run has funny PITA behavior in digital BCM.
    • TY: We also need a summary of detector/monitor's pedestal and linearity for PREX. PK: I will follow up with Robert.
  5. Next Meeting time: will announce by email.

PREX Respin

  1. Robert:
    • Checking missing output files

Analysis projects

  1. BCM double difference study
  2. BPM resolution
  3. Pedestal / Normalization BCM history
  4. Events/ Patterns Counter
  5. Dithering sensitivity/Quality re-check
  6. Grand statistics re-check
  7. Linearity check


  • JLab:
  • Phone:Ciprian G, Adam Z, Amali P, Cameron C, Caryn P, Hanjie L, Iris H, Kent P, Paul K, Ryan R, Sakib R, Silviu C, Tao Y ,Victoria O, Weibin Z, Devi A, Chandan G, Ye T, Dustin M, Sanghwa P,