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Logistic information

Meeting room at JLab: REMOTE ONLY

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE: 206 308 0414                 
 Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/2063080414


    • Cameron, Question about BCM pedestals - BCM linearity studies updatePedestal studies update
      • CP: different ways to estimate unser pedestal error bar.
      • KP: it would be useful to have chi-square distribution from each fitting
      • KP: data points speard around one percent.
      • CP: should we use constant pedestal or moving pedestal for entire run?
      • KP: have we ever changed PMT HV ? Devi: No.
      • KP: we can use constant pedestal.
      • PK: calibrate analog us bcm first and calibrate others against it to get pedestals.
    • Devi: AT update[HAPLOG 4082]
      • Devi: Could it be inelastic contribution?
      • KK: carbon asymmetry should be dominant here
      • KP: inelastic asymmetry should have same sign and similar amplitude.
      • KP: you can project tracks from focal plane and see if there is pole-tip.
      • KP: you can show residual correlation with BPMs next week.
    • PK: summary of respin2 changes next week.

Analysis projects

  1. BCM double difference study
  2. BPM resolution
  3. Pedestal / Normalization BCM history
  4. Events/ Patterns Counter
  5. Dithering sensitivity/Quality re-check
  6. Grand statistics re-check
  7. Linearity check


Kent P, Adam Z, Amali P, Brian Q, Cameron C, Caryn P, Chandan G, Ciprian G, Devi A, Devika B, Dmitrii N, Dustin M, Guido U, Hanjie L, Jim N, Iris H, Krishna K, Paul K, Paul S, Robert R, Ryan R, Sakib R, Sanghwa P, Silviu C, Siyu J, Victoria O, Weibin Z, Ye T, Yufan C, Tao Y