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Logistic information

 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  # 585 129 220
 Room IRL:                            <none>


  1. Kent - quickly reviewing what we need to get done
    • CREX calibration and verification
    • PREX calibration and verification
    • central angle calibration. PREX and CREX to compare
    • Q2, acceptance function, for PREX, CREX, and transverse running
    • Background.
      • inelastic
      • carbon
  2. Siyu:
    • looking for ways to quantify uncertainty on the recoil/watercell measurment
    • One documentation question came up: where did the formula giving p0 setting vs. hall probe come from? (Note log entry halog:3748112)
    • next steps: look at central value +/- error on parameter (not RMS) to get the error from the fit on the separation
    • do this for each of the momentum settings
    • ultimately, do this for each of the holes in the sieve.
    • Also: use error propagation to see how recoil energy difference or derived scattering angle depends on beam energy, scattering angle...
  3. Ryan:
    • is able to run Siyu’s code to check the optics database reconstruction
    • Next steps: will use this to start to verify the PREX database


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