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Logistic information

 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  # 585 129 220
 Room IRL:                            <none>


Please post slides in haplog or docdb, before the meeting

  1. Siyu
    • Watercell precision and systematics
    • comparing central value +/- error for various sieve holes and measurements.
  2. Ryan:


  1. Residuals for PREX-2 database
    • reoptimization led to great improvement in dp residuals for +1,0,-1 runs
    • except that the dp=-1% residuals were all shifted to one side significantly
    • the phi_target reconstruction suggested pretty big changes between different dp runs.
    • this should look pretty different when plotted as residuals.
    • Next time: look at theta and phi residuals for all dp runs for old and newly reoptimized data base
  2. CREX water cell results (Siyu)
    • new optimization using average from each hole provides good resutls
    • consistency in pointing angle at 0.03 degree level, about 0.6% in angle so 1.2% in Q2.
    • Q: I forgot to ask at the meeting - is this just central hole? Wondering if there is agreement from one side of the acceptance to the other.
    • now looking at PREX water cell data, starting with database.
    • will post slides...
  3. forgot to mention: next week is during JLUO 2020, so we won't have a monday optics meeting with the full group