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Logistic information

 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  # 585 129 220
 Room IRL:                            <none>


Please post slides in haplog or docdb, before the meeting


  1. PREX-2 Q2 (Ryan) elog:4177
    • First look shows really large changes in Q2 over measurements. Need to verify conditions for each run.
  2. PREX-2 AT cos(phi) (ryan) elog:4179
    • cos(phi) average is consistent with expectation
    • a very obvious non-symmetric azimuthal angle distribution was shown, raising concerns.
  3. PREX target uniformity (Siyu) elog:4178
    • Q: is development of non-uniformity happening throughout the target lifetime, or does it just happen at the end? uniformity vs time (or really, production statistics) is needed, not just vs. measurement number.


(From memory, sorry): Ryan, Siyu, Dustin, Devi, Kent, Nilanga, Cip, Bob, Chandan, Hanjie, Cameron