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Analysis Expert Tasks

  1. Assist shift crew in data taking as needed
    • help diagnose and solve CODA issues
    • answer questions about plots in Panguin
  2. Makes sure online analysis is up to date
  3. Look at beam quality
    • Look at runs from a previous good period and compare to the current runs
    • Watch for changes in means and widths over time
    • Log anything that you think is an issue that needs to be investigated and email the WAC
  4. Decide when to change IHWP settings
    • Each slug should have ~8 runs, but the real measure is a total charge of at least 1.2 C (but not too much more than this)
    • Keep track of the accumulated charge in the slug using the counter
      • If the current run had steady beam and no known issues, check the accumulated charge before it ends
      • If the accumulated charge is >1.3 C including all runs but the current run, and the current run is good, you can probably increment the slug
      • Ask the shift leader to follow the instructions at Flipper