Beam Modulation

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How to Run Beam Modulation

  • First, make sure Coda is running
  • You need to be logged in apar account on adqa3:
    •  ssh apar@adaq3 
  • Go to directory:
    •  cd /adaqfs/home/apar/vowen/BMWClient/PyGreenMonster/ 
  • Run beam modulation code:
    •  python3 
    1. Beam modulation will automatically run for 7 days
    2. In order to quit beam modulation
      •  control+c 
        to crash out of the beam modulation program.
      •  python3 
        to clean up the DAQ records and release the EPICS FFB pause states.

Modulation online plots

modulation coil plot Task for the analysis shift expert:

For each run, 
  • Check the online plot ( the top plot on the BMW plot page), we should see all 7 coils (colorful bars) at least for one super cycle (one bunch). If not, check the beam trips, if this run has a lot of beam trips, then check the other more stable runs. If you still miss one or more coils, then please call Ye: 803-553-3570.
  • Check the online plot ( on the BMW Cycle page ).