Check-list For taking Counting runs and Going back to Production

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  • Before taking Counting Runs:
    • Turn ON S0 and S3 (L0.0, L0.1, L0.2, L0.3, L0.4 in both arm's HV GUI)
    • For Raster Check in C-Hole
      • Ask low current <2uA such that T1 rate <100kHz
      • Ask for appropriate raster size and position lock as in WHITE BOARD
      • Follow Checking the HV HOW TOs for shift crew if you need to
      • You can start runs once the position and HV read-back are settled
    • For Detector alignment Check
      • Ask for low current (0.3uA on Ca-48 target)
      • make sure the T1 rate is ~200kHz
      • turn ON VDC (L6.0, L6.3 in LHRS and L4.5, L4.7 in RHRS) if the T1 rate is good
      • set Downstream MAIN detectors HV to -1900V (L1.1 in both arms), and turn them ON
      • once the position and HV read-back are settled, take runs
      • follow Taking MAIN detector Counting Run if you need to analyse data
  • Once you are done with counting Runs:
    • Turn OFF S0, S3, Downstream MAIN detectors, and VDCs and set Downstream MAIN detectors HV to 0.0V
    • Ask for high current (production) only after turning OFF the detectors mentioned in the previous step