DAQ Commissioning Notes

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Further information is available in DAQ Documentation Portal and DAQ Testing Portal, see also the Run List

Summer 2018 Resurrection

See the DAQ Meeting List, in particular May, June and July 2018 notes from Cameron and Chandan's visit with Bob, for details on efforts to resurrect the Parity DAQ system and run everything under Trigger Supervisor (TS) control.

Summer 2018 Recommissioning

Cameron and Chandan returned to JLab in late July 2018 to work with Bob on testing all ADC channels and other hardware and software, to ensure dynamic range and functionality, as well as updating things and maintaining usability for all interested parties.

Testing ADC Channels

See also - DAQ Layouts

Automating Testing/Analysis Software

See also - DAQ Software

Notes on specific module testing

See also - DAQ Hardware