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(DAQ Testing and Commissioning)
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== For DAQ Experts ==
== For DAQ Experts ==
[[How to add scripts to Start/End of run process]]
== DAQ Testing and Commissioning ==
== DAQ Testing and Commissioning ==

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Documentation for the DAQ systems is curated here


Important Resources

Information and Lists



2019 Parasitic Run Quick Start

  • Printable checklist‎
  • Google sheet runlist
  • Command Lines
    • ssh compton@compton
    • NewTools
    • OPS Menu → JMenu → StartOfShift →Tools Screen
    • OPS Menu → JMenu :Search Tools Display then click Hall A CH
    • ssh apar@adaq3
    • startcoda and kcoda
    • gojapan
    • or cd PREX/japan ; source ../setup japan.tcsh
    • ./build/qwparity -r <run_number> -c prex_testing.conf
    • ROOTfiles: ~/PREX/japan/japanOutput
    • ./panguin -r <run_number> -f <confige_file>
    • JMenu-LivePlot: <mouse-middle-button>
  • Checklist
    • CODA config ’ALL PREX’
    • SAM HVs (see more details): rpi7:2001 s4 , ch0-ch7, no current trips
    • SAM signals: below ∼ 8 V from panguin or root draw
    • Beam Current : Tools Screen
    • Beam Mode: Tools Screen
    • Beam Energy: Tools Screen
    • Target: JMenu-Target Lifter
    • Raster Size: JMenu-Target Lifter
    • Helicity: JMenu-Injector-Parity-Helicity Control
    • IHWP: JMenu-Injector-Parity-Parity Control

For Shift Operators

  • Log in as apar@adaq3
  • on the terminal type startcoda: 4 xterms will appear and the main CODA window. CODA will automatically load the last configuration used. If you are ok with this then just go to Platform->Connect

DAQ firstStart.png

  • In general go to Configuration->Cool: Select the desired configuration. It will automatically connect the selected configuration

DAQ CoolScreen.png

  • Configure (the work tool icon top left)
  • Download (second icon top left)
  • Prestart (third icon): In the previous steps, warnings about waiting for a roc can be ignored if it does not take too long to respond (~10s). Do watch for Error messages. Those cannot be ignored!
  • Start (4th icon)

DAQ Running.png

  • End (5th icon)

FAQ and common problems and solutions

See Also: Recently Asked Questions

  • If you need help installing CODA and the relevant environment software on a local machine, contact Bryan Moffit.
    • The CODA (2.6.2 - relevant to Prex DAQ) software is documented and has an installation guide on the CODA Website.
    • Chandan Ghosh will write a full installation process documentation guide for the Stony Brook group's ELOG which will also be available here.
  • Installing an NFS file server on a machine (for use in serving Centos OS and CODA files for installation and booting).
  • Hall A Counting House Helicity Control Board User's Guide.

Goals for PrexII running

Main Article: DAQ To-Do List

  • Work on the Parity DAQ to bring the Trigger Supervisor (TS) into its proper overseer role
    • ✓ This requires shifting from COMPTON to ADAQ3 computer and verifying all connections and .crl files behave as expected (completed in 5-23-2018 meeting)
    • ✓ Set up Trigger Supervisor DAQ to communicate correctly with Injector DAQ from ADAQ3 computer
    • ✓ Set up Counting Room DAQ and add to TS (should be easy)
    • ✓ Set up RHRS DAQ and add to TS (completed in 5-24-2018 meeting)
    • ✓ Set up LHRS DAQ (completed in 5-25-2018 meeting) with new QWeak ADCs, connect it to RHRS, and add to TS (completed in 5-31-2018 meeting)
  • Commission DAQ
    • 3/4 ✓ Deploy all ADCs needed and test each channel (completed all but Injector ADC testing in 7-30-2018 meeting)
    • ✓ Build various DAQ configs with subsets of the DAQ crates
    • ✓ RS485 cable between HRS to build full system (completed in 7-29-2018 meeting)
    • Timing diagram, check timing of external signals and readout
    • Check the 7200 scaler setup at injector, find a spare 7200
    • Test rate limit, ensure deadtime zero
    • Pedestal studies, aka cross-talk
    • Test spares (Ye Tian is working on this)
    • Add a scaler to R-HRS crate
  • Improve DAQ software
    • Ensure that ET system is fast enough for feedback
    • Revive the synchronization-check system
    • Combine Prex.crl, Prex_ts.crl, and Injector.crl functionality into one modular CRL
    • Implement Bank structure
    • Green Monster maintenance
    • Eliminate the so-called "dirty trick" if we can (clean up CRL)
  • We want an automated system that will vastly simplify the life of WACs (Fall 2018) - see June 1 2018 afternoon meeting for more
    • It should read information from CODA, EPICS, and shift operator schedules as runs start and stop
    • It should make standard analysis plots
    • And it should display these diagnostic and physics results on a collaboration viewable webpage
    • This will likely involve mimicking the existing ELOG automated systems
  • We should rewrite the existing PAN (Parity ANalyzer) into JAPAN (Just Another Parity ANalyzer)
    • This is partly to update the codebase to incorporate the QWeak analysis updates
    • And also to build expertise and familiarity in the current collaboration
    • JAPAN is currently in development at www.github.com/JeffersonLab/Japan

For DAQ Experts

How to add scripts to Start/End of run process

DAQ Testing and Commissioning

Main Article - DAQ Testing

DAQ Run List

A list of runs and descriptions of relevant activities is stored here: Testing and Commissioning Run List