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== Testing ==
== Testing ==
[[DAQ Testing/20180801|Today's testing]]
[[DAQ Testing/20180801|Today's testing]]

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Logistic information

BlueJeans calling instructions:
Toll-Free Number (U.S.& Canada): 888-240-2560
International toll number:     408-740-7256
Bluejeans CODE:         475 839 391
Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/475839391


  • Bob : Replace bad NIM crate with new one and ensure that original functionality is still there, including the delayed T_Settle output to the STR7200 Scaler
  • Bob : Get Bank data structure incorporated in Prex_ts_banks.crl functionality


  • Replace NIM crate in Injector Parity DAQ
    • We replaced the bad NIM crate with a new one from Riad
    • We noted the wires and put everything back
    • We also restored the T_Settle delayed-to-STR7200 module
      • The delay offset is not behaving as expected when twisting knobs - Ask Paul King
    • Run 4122 is an Injector.crl run in TI-standalone triggering mode
    • Run 4123 is another - data looks good in both
    • Check if the helicity signal looks good
      • Amali's notes for checking helicity signal -
  • Adding in Bank structures to Prex_ts_banks.crl
    • Bob says that putting a bank around groups of similar modules is fine, rather than having a bank per individual module
    • This could get complicated for the current configuration that has some conditional flags determining which modules are read for the same old-style header


Today's testing