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February 5th, 2019 Testers: Cameron Clarke, Devi Adhikari, Ye Tian, Victoria Owen, Paul King


  • Restore Helicity Control Board in CH crate
  • Set up a second V2F module in the CH (from the 3rd spare in injector crate)
  • Send vqwk gate to HRSs (replace HEL signal with this CH HapTB GMN2 signal)
  • Improve scaler synch test wiring
  • Establish standard DAQ initialization
  • Take pedestal noise floor calibration runs for updated SAM cabling configuration
  • Test BMW functionality with BSY connected to proper gate signal in CH NIM modules
  • Testing SAMs with and without high voltage

Restore Helicity Control Board in CH crate

Additional V2F in CH DAQ

Cameron took the 3rd (unused, spare) V2F from the injector and put it into the CH NIM bin. This V2F will be used to send individual signals in the upper 16 channels into the second set of inputs for the SIS3801 scaler

VQWK Gate signal correction

Cameron took the GMN2 signal and replaced the HEL+ signals to HRS crates with it (and labelled everything clearly), and made a halog entry. Alexandre Cammsone and Bob Michaels both verified this modification as OK. This invalidates the DVCS HRS Scaler Helicity information readout setup that was once used. There was some confusion about these signals being sent to the VQWKs for a few test runs, but eventually the details were worked out and resolved (incorrect signal was passed through at one point, and also VQWK settings were wrong for a few runs).

Improve Scaler Synch Test Wiring

Cameron moved the scaler synch test wiring from V2F signals going into scaler fist set of inputs and now are read out in channels 16, 17, 18, 31, for fr, f1, f2, and 4 MHz reference respectively. This setup still needs to be tested and verified - before collaboration meeting

BMW signal in NIM modules

We created a proper gated (FLEXIO BMW && Tsettle) signal for sending to BSY service building trim cards to initiate Beam Modulation. We also wrote a skeleton program for testing the BMW utilities without requiring Green Monster functionality and used that to verify that the signal is sending and that the trim cards are responding

SAM HV Settings

To add HV settings configurations for proper monitoring and mapping:

  • Log into aslow@adaq3 (using the adaq password
  • Run the hvs [right/left] command in the ~/slowc folder
    • Use: Tools->Map Configurator, and then compare the voltage maps with the displayed voltages to make sure you are looking at the right ones

If you need to add your own configuration that isn't already one of the available maps

  • Edit the ~/RIGHT/[whatever].map to contain the information you need (which requires that you know what HV cards your channels are plugged into, see the other maps for examples)
  • Then do: Tools->Add/remove frame list->Cancel->Update Connections, which updates the map list

If the HV control GUI doesn't load, then you need to log into pi@rpi7, with Bob's rpi password, then run ./start_hv, and if that doesn't work, you will need to make sure the cron job is running in the background (./scripts/start_hv_cron) and then continue using aslow@adaq3's hvs command to proceed.

  • There is an expert wiki entry about HV control that describes this rebooting process in the Tritium/Apex wiki

The SAMs are in rpi7:2001 port, S4 slot, L0.0->L0.7 channels

The SAM wired connections are established as indicated in this PDF (but Actually, there is an error; SAM4 and SAM8 are connected to KDPA001 not KDPB001).

Devi made pedestal studies: see HAPLOG 3607, and more recently, see 3617 and 3618 And SAM Pedestals are described in 3608

Establish Standard DAQ Initialization

Paul King set up a new standardized way of initializting QWeak ADCs using the g0inj.flags files that the injector already uses (instead of a boot script or Green Monster initialization).

  • Run 1194 - tried to use the new flag file technique, but it didn't work
    • It failed in the vxworks prompt, showing improper vqwk initialization
    • Also, the HRS crates somehow lacked bmw variables that the crl assumed were around (so added to the bootscripts from now on)
    • All the ADCs errored
  • Run 1195 - fixed the usrstrutils.c program to include the .flag file reading with getint() methods
    • Failed due to one missed getint() instance
  • Run 1196 - try again - CH worked, but HRSs still have read errors due to wrong Gate signal (HEL+ instead of GMN2 from Haptb)
  • Run 1197 - I didn't fix LHRS, so still problems
    • The number of samples was wrong (1984 instead of 4141*4)
    • Need to fix LHRS gate signal - climbed around next day and fixed it
    • Need to set the nsamples in vqwk init flags file and in japan maps at the same time
    • The SAMs with HV on are ~2 or 3 x noisier
  • Run 1198 - restored injector settings

HALOG entry

To Do

  • Restore CH Helicity Control Board
  • Replace Vqwk1 in CH DAQ
  • Fix LHRS Gate Signal