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May 2nd, 2019 Testers: Cameron Clarke


  • Stockpile spares
  • Include Hall C BPMs into Hall A DAQ
  • Initiate sych check into injector

Stockpile Spares


This is our (tested) critical spares stockpile for the Parity DAQ (the brown boxes on the right have 2 fully functioning and tested spare MVME 6100 VXWorks ROCs). It's in the CHA left cabinet behind the control computers. There are ~ +2 more of each module (from left to right in the picture: vqwk ADC, helicity control board, fiber->NIM translator, TI, Haptb, SIS3801, and ROC, and 2 spare FLEXIO are still out for testing, and a spare STR 7200 is coming soon) in the TEDf test stand, tested and working, and currently parked in 2 spare working test VME crates. There are some critical NIM modules here too (and in the cabinet to the right has more).

If anyone actually needs one of these modules or VME crates please let me know. Preferably no changes to any of the 4 parity DAQ crates should happen without me.

We also have three spare portservers, quick access to a spare console server if it's critical, and a few small spare Ethernet switches if needed.

Include Hall C BPMs


Synch Check

I plugged things in, but the signal quality is low, so Bob and I will address this tomorrow

2 Haptb

Just update the code to allow two instances in one crate