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(Taking Data)
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* [[Harp scans]]
* [[Harp scans]]
* [[Bullseye scans]]
* [[Bullseye scans]]
* [[PITA scan]]
* [[PVDB]]
* [[PVDB]]
* [[Panguin for Experts | Panguin]]
* [[Panguin for Experts | Panguin]]

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HOW TOs for shift crew
TaskList for 2019
Installation Photo Album
Run Plan
All Expert Contacts

In the process of editing and updating this page. Please contact Juliette Mammei crowder@jlab.org with questions or suggestions.

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Taking Data



Beam Monitors



  • Fun Stuff
  • Computer etiquette
    • Log on to apar@adaq1 only from a ssh session or from the DAQ computer in the Main Counting House Room
    • Log on to a-onl on the aonl[1,2,3,4] machines in the Back/Analysis/Snack room only
    • Log on to adaq on the other adaq[2,3,4] machines in the Main Counting House Room
    • Always close your terminals, gedits, emacs's, and miscellaneous OPS menus and DAQ sessions
      • It's important because if someone accidentally touches your stuff it could break the entire experiment without anyone noticing!
    • Do not open Firefox from apar@adaq1 unless you are physically on the adaq1 computer (apar@adaq1 can only have one Firefox session at a time)
    • Don't leave programs running in the background, especially on adaq1, as they will stay there forever and hog processor that is otherwise needed in the online analysis and feedback processes
  • Printing:
    • Use ps26 for the upstairs printer
    • Use chax for the downstairs printer
    • Use lp -d [printer name] to print from the command line

PREX I op manual