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T-Shirt design (edited due to the influence of Universal Pictures)

It's PREX t-shirt time!!! The design I've come up with (thanks to Cameron's inspiration) is a recolored Jurassic Park logo, with the word "PREX" subbed in. No orders have been placed yet (obviously) but I'm going to poll for them soon.

This link here goes to a spreadsheet where you can fill out your name, and shirt size to order one. Available adult sizes are S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL. Youth sizes are available too in XS, S, M, L, XL. For more information about sizes, please contact Adam.

The exact cost of the t-shirts depends on how many people ultimately order one. (More orders gets a bulk discount so... tell your friends!) I expect if 20-25 people order a shirt then they will cost in the $10-$15 range each. I'll update people with a final price when I put in the order hopefully by Wednesday June 26.

The design is not set in stone yet and I am willing to accept comments HOWEVER... more colors/details/printing means the t-shirts will cost more so I probably won't change it unless a majority of people want it!

That's it for t-shirts. Order yours today!

Round 2

By popular demand I'm going to do a round 2 of t-shirt orders. Anyone who didn't get one the first time (or if you're feeling particularly fun and want to get extras) can get more orders this time. The new t-shirt size spreadsheet is linked here. I will put out the second order no later than August 21st 2019. I expect lower demand will raise the price a little, but I'll know for sure once the order is made.

Order Information

T-Shirt design (edited due to the influence of Universal Pictures)

UPDATE ON T-SHIRT ORDERS (posted 2019-06-30): Thank you to everyone for who ordered a t-shirt, and thanks again for your patience regarding this. We received 22 orders in total, which is roughly in the range I (Adam Z.) expected. The final cost of the t-shirts will be $14 per shirt including tax. Obviously, nobody owes me anything until the t-shirts arrive.

T-Shirts are expected to arrive on or before Tuesday July 9, 2019. If this date is going to be a problem (i.e., you have to leave JLab before then) please let me know and I'll see what I can work out with the other PREX students and postdocs. If any developments arise, I'll edit this page, but I don't expect any complications.

Thank you again to everyone who ordered! I predict an incredibly stylish collaboration in the near future!

UPDATE (posted 2019-07-01): I received a message from the t-shirt vendor that they were refusing to print the "Jurassic PREX" design unless I could obtain written permission from Universal Pictures to use their assets. Despite the fact that I - a twentysomething grad student - and they - a multibillion dollar entertainment corporation who was just last year boasting about record profits - couldn't possibly represent a threat to their brand, identity, or income, I could not secure this permission.

So, with last-minute guidance from Cip and Cameron I've created this new design to placate the angry corporate lawyers at Universal. If you have already signed up to purchase t-shirts and are not interested in the new design please let me (Adam Z.) know, so I can take you off the purchase list. I apologize deeply to all of you who wanted the "Jurassic PREX" design, but the vendor has made it clear to me that unless I can obtain that IP, I can't do anything with that design.

UPDATE (posted 2019-07-02): I know this might seem frenetic but... we have a new design!!! After I presented the design yesterday Marisa volunteered her time and came through in clutch with this awesome new one.

UPDATE (posted 2019-07-03): CustomInk has accepted Marisa's design. No word on when the shirts will arrive but I'm assuming the July 9 date still holds. Due to the lack of colors in the design t-shirts will now cost $10 each for those who ordered. Thank you again for your patience! hopefully the next update will be the t-shirts actually arriving!