HRS DAQ for Q2, Optics

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The HRS DAQ is used for Optics, for measuring Qsq, and background studies. This is expert driven.

We will need a checklist for switching between counting mode and integrating mode. The old checklist is linked below. We'll need instructions which are at least as good:

L-HRS DAQ runs on adaq3 ........ R-HRS DAQ runs on adaq2

Account: adaq

CODA will normally be running already. But, to start CODA from scratch on either HRS: "startcoda"

The running config is usually LeftHRS or Righthrs, but there may be other configs for special purposes.

Triggers are listed below.

How to set Prescale factors: Type "prescaleL" or "prescaleR" and use the obvious GUI.

Scalers display (xscaler): Login to aonl1 as the a-onl account and type "xscaler", then do what it says to do. Note that xscaler is normally running on the hapc2 computer above the adaq1 console.

Triggers for PREX

T1 = S0A & S0B
T2 = S3
T3 = S0A || S0B
T4 = Upstream Quartz
T5 = Downstream Quartz
T6 = ((S0A & S0B) & S3) = T1.and.T2
T8 = Clock -- 103.7 kHz on L-HRS, 1024 Hz on R-HRS

Note about prescale factors
Max prescale factors: ps1-4=16777215; ps5-8=65535
T9-12 cannot be prescaled but any trigger can be turned off with ps=0

recovery from problems

Sometimes the DAQ doesn't work, particularly after a long down time. The easiest way to recover is to reboot the ROCs and type "startcoda" from the appropriate account ("adaq") on the appropriate computer (R-HRS on adaq2, L-HRS on adaq3). To reboot the ROCs the easiest way is to type "reboot" on the vxWorks prompt of each login (the x-terms with names of the ROCs in their title). Another way is to go to the magnet epics screen (Hall A tools) and find the "crate resets" button. Note, both fastbus crates in each HRS are reset with one button. For the ROC20/31 VME crate its usually good enough to "ctrl-C" out of it and do "startcoda". If you really have trouble, call Chandan Ghosh, Bob Michaels, or Alexandre Camsonne -- in that order.