Left Arm Checks

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  • Left Arm momentum (GeV)
  • Left Arm Q1, Q2, D, Q3 regulators on (yes/no, ask experts)?
  • Left Arm cryo flow level OK? Yes/No He>60% (Ignore Nitrogen)
  • Left Arm NMR OK? Yes/No
  • Left Arm Q1 Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Left Arm Q2 Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Left Arm D Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Left Arm Q3 Momentum (GeV/c) / current (A) / B-Field (+/-G)
  • Is Left VDC gas flow (top/bottom) on?
  • Left VDC HV on (top/bottom)?
  • VDC thresholds (All 4 values should be 3.0 V, yes/no) ?
  • Left Cerenkov HV on?
  • Left Pion rejector HV on?
  • Left s0/s2m HV on (s0 may be off for production, check with expert)?
  • Check online plots (y/n)? -LHRS