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(Weekly Analysis Coordinator (WAC))
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<li> [[Compton to do status list DAQ and EDet]]
<li> [[Compton to do status list DAQ and EDet]]
<li> [[Gem miscellanous informations,to do and status]]
<li> [[Gem miscellanous informations,to do and status]]
<li> [http://hallaweb.jlab.org/parity/prex/docs/HelicityUsersGuideFeb4.pdf Helicity Control Board User's Guide]

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Welcome to the Wiki for the Lead Radius Experiment ("PREX").   The idea of this Wiki is to organize info relevant to the upcoming run, and to foster communication and collaboration.

Shift Signup   Pw for signup = "leadradius".

Status and Plans

Experiment   HowTo   and   TroubleShooting

Weekly Analysis Coordinator (WAC)

WAC instructions

WAC schedule
Dates (2010) WAC name
03/11 - 03/17 Mark Dalton
03/18 - 03/24 ZAFAR AHMED
03/25 - 04/03 Rupesh Silwal
04/04 - 04/10 Jon Wexler
04/11 - 04/17
04/18 - 04/24 Diancheng Wang
04/25 - 05/02 Abdurahim Rakhman
05/03 - 05/09 Xiaoyan Deng
05/10 - 05/17 Chun-Min (Mindy) Jen
05/18 - 05/24 Luis Mercado

Physics Info

Related Links

How to Contribute to this PREX Wiki

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  • I'll get an e-mail, will approve you and you'll get a password by e-mail.

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