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<big> <font color="" size="+3"> PREX  Wiki </font></big>This page is under construction (Oct 14 2009).
<big> <font color="" size="+3"> PREX  Wiki </font></big>This page is under construction (Oct 28 2009).

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PREX Wiki This page is under construction (Oct 28 2009).

The Lead Radius Experiment ("PREX"), experiment number E06002, uses the parity violating
weak neutral interaction to probe the neutron distribution in a heavy nucleus, namely 208Pb,
thus measuring the RMS neutron radius to 1% accuracy, which has an important impact on nuclear
theory. The experiment is being performed by the HAPPEX collaboration which has recently completed
experiments E99115 & E00114 -- i.e. HAPPEX II and HAPPEX Helium.

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