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(Monday, October 2)
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   9:00- 9:30  Hall Perspective and Beam Scheduling  Thia
   9:00- 9:30  Hall Perspective and Beam Scheduling  Thia
   9:30-10:00  Design Issues: Vacuum System, Collimators, skyshine  Gavalya
   9:30-10:00  Design Issues: Vacuum System, Collimators, skyshine  Gavalya
   10:00-10:20  Coffee Break
   10:00-10:20  Coffee Break
   10:20-10:50  Installation, Jessie
   10:20-10:50  Installation, Jessie

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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  913380354#
 Room IRL:                            CEBAF F227


  1. Ciprian: dump shielding slides
    • KP: the tighter collimator is not done correctly. We need to keep the whole bore in line with what we want to cut. CG: will revisit
    • DM: We should not tighten the collimator acceptance too much since it will start to eat into the SAM acceptance (0.6 \pm 2 deg).
    • KP: we should understand why 2ft of iron is doing worse than 2ft of concrete.
  2. Seamus: Collaboration Meeting Agenda Draft

Sunday, October 1

  9:00- 9:30 Welcome/Overview of Issues - Kent
  9:30-10:00 Target Chamber, Silviu
 10:00-10:20 Coffee
 10:20-10:50 Septum Calculations, Jay
 10:50-11:20 Radiation Calculations and Beam Dump Summary, Cip
 11:20-11:50 Software Summary (Tracking, Simulation), Seamus
  1:30- 2:00 GEMs and Stand, Dustin
  2:00- 2:30 Tyler, SBU Quartz and GEMs
  2:30- 3:00 AT Calculation Progress, Richards
  3:00- 3:30 PMT Linearity, Dustin
  3:20- 3:50 Coffee
  3:50- 4:20 Moller, Jones (Sasha?)
  4:20- 4:50 Kerr, Fernando
  4:50- 5:20 Source, Caryn
  5:20- 5:50 Beam Studies, Tao

Monday, October 2

 9:00- 9:30  Hall Perspective and Beam Scheduling  Thia
 9:30-10:00  Design Issues: Vacuum System, Collimators, skyshine  Gavalya
 10:00-10:20  Coffee Break
 10:20-10:50  Installation, Jessie
 10:50-11:20  Accelerator/Source, Grames
 11:20-11:50  Compton, Gaskell
 11:50-12:20  Compton Photon, Quinn


Bob M, Cameron C, Ciprian G, Kent P, Sanghwa P, Seamus R, Victoria O, Dustin M, Silviu D, Ryan, KK, Paul S, Tyler K,


Dave G,