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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 PARTICIPANT CODE:                  913380354#
 Room IRL:                            CEBAF F227


  1. Collaboration Meeting Schedule
Friday, March 3, 2017
9:00      Intro/Overview of Issues                    Kent Paschke
9:30      Readiness Review and Beam Scheduling        Cynthia Keppel

10:00am   Coffee Break

10:20am   Design: Target Chamber                      Silviu Covrig
11:00am   Design Issues: Vacuum System, Collimators, skyshine   Alan Gavalya
11:45am   Septum calculations, issues                 Juliette  Mammei

12:15pm   Lunch Break

1:30pm    Radiation Issues (Dose Estimate, Shielding, etc.)   Kent Paschke
1:50pm    Radiation Hardness, installation            Jessie Butler
2:30pm    Accelerator/Source                          Joe Grames

3:00pm    Coffee Break

3:50pm    Moller Installation and Performance         Jim Napalitano
4:30pm    Compton                                     Dave Gaskell
5:10pm    Compton Photon Det                          Brian Quinn

Saturday, March 4, 2017
9:00am    HRS Optics and Tracking Issues              Seamus Riordan
9:25am    FOM                                         Tyler Kutz
9:50am    GEMs, Det, Frame                            Dustin McNulty

10:15am   Coffee Break

10:35am   PMT Linearity                               Dustin McNulty
10:50am   SBU Detector development update             Tyler Kutz

11:10am   CREX Contamination Review                   Seamus Riordan
11:25am   Calcium Studies                             Juliette  Mammei

12:00pm   Lunch Break

1:30pm    Source                                      Caryn Palatchi

2:00pm    Summary Talk and Panic Items                Kent Paschke
  1. SR: we will have to revisit the AT detector — working on it for KK
  2. FOM: Tyler
    • TK: slides will be ready by collaboration mtg
    • SR: at 1.8 GeV the asymmetry or Ca40 is 10% different from Ca48 which works in our favor
    • TK: dA/A includes systematic (will double check) KK: would like to have a plot with stat alone and syst separated on the same plot
    • RM: how does it compare to previous results? TK: it looks consistent.


Tyler K, Tao Y, Seamus R, Ciprian R, Kent P, Silviu C, Dustin M, Guido U, Bob M, Paul S, KK, Caryn P