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== Logistic information ==
== Logistic information ==

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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                  628 981 532
 Bluejeans link: https://bluejeans.com/628981532
 Offline room:   CEBAF Center F324-325


  1. Contact info: GglSheet
    • CG: please fill in the contact info
  2. Installation progress: Kent/Ciprian Installation photo album
    • CG: progressing well.
  3. Meeting format
    • CG: if you want to discuss anything please email me so that I can setup the meeting. Unless an email goes out we will NOT have the meeting.
  4. HRS installation update
    • ChG: still need to check the movement mechanism for the AT detectors. Doing some small debugging. Having some issues integrating the large UVa GEMs on both arms. KP: can we configure the independent or separate running remotely? ChG: we can do that remotely from the readout list.
    • DM: HRS main installation done. Motion systems working. Cameras are installed for each arm. We will reposition the AT detectors.
    • DA: (SAMs) will investigate the frayed wires for the shutters. have taken data and will make a haplog entry (there seems to be some additional noise which we need to investigate on some SAMs). KK: we don't think we have any significant noise problems in the rest of the system.
  5. Integrating DAQ Update
  6. BPM update
    • CP: installation is almost complete. needs to install a ribon cable and 2 new RF modules. new software installed on the IOC with a button on the main GUI to switch the SwClk on/off. Catherine and I will need to clean up some cabling.
  7. japan progress
  8. Injector studies:
  9. Compton polarimeter
    • DG: the laser is under vacuum and is ready to go. We are doing some analysis and fitting. The photon detector is mostly ready to go and we have some remote control capability.
    • PK: we should talk about how we integrate Beam Mod into the Compton DAQ while we still have access to the hall.
  10. Moller:
    • SP: Simona said they finished alignment and she is just waiting for the report.
  11. Beam Modulation
    • VO: nothing to do down it the BSY.
  12. Pedestal studies
  13. Other:
    • subsystem epics monitoring; SP: subsystem experts please take 5 minutes to review these variables.
    • KK: we may have a huge rate with Ca40 at 1GeV because of the form factor (needs to be double checked).
    • KP: reminder for the procedure coming on-site. Make sure collaborators are aware.
    • SP: the subsystem owners needs to review the epics variables logged at the start of the run. CP: this list should be a subset of what is in the data stream.



Sanghwa P, Juliette M, Victoria O, Rakitha B, Robert R, Paul K, Ciprian G, Adam Z,

In F345

Dave G, Amali P, Caryn P, Juan Carlos C, Devaki, Tao, Cameron C, Ye T,


Alexandre C, Brian Q, Devi A, Dustin M, Eric K, Jinlong Z, KK, Quinn C, Ryan R, Seamus R, Siyu J, Chandan G, Kent P, Rich H

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