PREX/CREX Nov 13 2017 11:00am EDT

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Logistic information

 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 International toll number:         408-740-7256
 Bluejeans CODE:                  847 917 938
 Bluejeans link:
 Offline room:   CEBAF Center F227


  1. Dump Shielding Summary: Ciprian slides
    • CG: meeting with Arne to be scheduled in the next few weeks
    • JB: the quad field with one arm is 1 order of magnitude smaller than 2 arms.
    • CG: will look into what correctors are available
    • KP: Slide 19: redo plots with energy cut (E>100 MeV); include photons and secondaries
    • KP: slide 23: multiply by 2 the half target results to have a fair comparison
    • KP: we should repeat the analysis for 75% target
  2. MOLLER sim dump study: Cameron haplog3453
    • CC: wrong energy for the simulation from last week; fixing that increased the radiation by a factor of 10
    • CG: we should look at the same area for detectors if we want to compare counts.


Sanghwa P, Bob M, Ciprian G, Tyler K, Dave G, Ryan R, Seamus R, Dustin M, Paul K, Kent P, Silviu D, David A, Tao Y, Victoria O, Guido U, Paul S, KK, Jay B, Paul S