PREX/CREX Thursday, May 15, 2014 10:00am EDT

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Link to the Meeting page PREX/CREX Teleconferences
Last meeting: PREX/CREX Thursday, May 1, 2014 10:00am EDT

The teleconference info is as follows:
       Phone #: 1-866-740-1260
       Code: 6931422


Update from Rakitha : PREX_HighE_Neutron


  • We need to determine, Is the target the main source of high energy neutron or not. Initial simulation results suggested that target is not the main contributor.
  • Other questions we would like to get answers are,
    • What electronic failures happened during PREX-I. We would like to know whether PREX-I have done permanent damage to electronics. Bob will talk with Jack Segal and other techs at the Hall A to make a summary of electronic failures
    • We would also like to know about radiation tolerances in new radiation hard electronics in the Hall A. (Bob)
    • From above investigations we would also like to know whether,
       1. The electronic damages done by PREX-I was cumulative or not?
       2. Can we definitely find out that either low or high energy neutrons done the greater damage during PREX-I? For instance failure of opto-couplers suggest that damages would have been a dislodge effect since these devices have no digital electronics and could be due to high energy neutrons.

  • Various kind of radiation damages occur in electronics.
    • Paul cited wiki as a good general source for this.
    • What kind of damages thermal neutrons do in electronics?
    • What kind of damages high energy neutrons do in electronics?


  • From Last Meeting
    • Beam parasitic studies

TO DO Lists

  • Have a optic calibration run plan (discussed in 01/16/2014 meeting)
  • It would be nice to have real-time viewer for optics studies in commissioning (disussed in 01/16/2014 meeting)

TO DO Lists link: PREX, CREX