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Aq Feedback control

In "PREX Analyzer Control Tools"

Updated on December 12th ,2019 Swing shift

  • To start Aq Feedback
    • Make sure Parity realtime analyzer is not running. If so, "Kill All" first.
    • First, pre-start Aq Feedback: Press button " Launch RunForever " in "Feedback Analyzer Status"
    • Then start JAPAN realtime engine: Press button " Launch RunForever " in " Parity Realtime Analyzer Status"
    • To run 'runbird' ( feedback monitor ) : login to apar@adaq2 , and run './runbird' in ~/devika/birdfeed/
    • Buttons "start runbird" and "kill runbird" is not responding at this point. Issue will be resolved *soon*.
    • click button " display the feedback log " to check Corrections are being calculated
  • To stop Feedback
    • click button "kill All" in Feedback Analyzer Status