Record of Parity Settings

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  • Prior to July 10, solenoid angle was incorrect by 3 degrees
  • July 10 evening - after Run 3143 - solenoid angle fixed by injector group (was 89deg, put at 91.2deg)
  • July 11 morning- after Run 3175- Table changed to also have solenoid =91.2 (for VWein 88deg) in addition to having solenoid =86deg (for VWein -89deg)
  • changed the AposU and AposV voltages july18th,attached picture is a history of what we had until this day in Figure 5
Figure 5 - Parity Controls window old.

  • July24 start of swing: Spin dance performed and HWien angle setting changed from -15.5deg to -13deg.