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| Swing  
| Swing  
| Production condition test. Rate study (Dustin) and width Studies (KK).
| Production condition test. Rate scan (Dustin) and width studies (KK).

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PREX Main << Run Coordinator Tools

Global Run Plan

Current Daily Run Plans

The current day is indicated by a color.

Day, Date Shift Tasks (Responsible Party) Status
Tuesday, June 25 Owl No beam. shift cancelled.
Day Target cooling down. shift cancelled
Swing Optics. Vacuum issue. No beam for the whole shift.
Wednesday, June 26 Owl Optics.
Day Optics. Send beam through Compton chicane. Optics complete. Vacuum valve VBV1P03 (compton table) can't be opened.
Swing Low current cavity lock test. Optics. Q^2 measurement (Bob or Kent). Opportunistic: SAM test. Cavity lock commissioning completed
Thursday, June 27 Owl Optics (db scan), Q2 measurement, detector alignment db scan, Q2 data taking completed in the morning, detector adjustment needs hall access in the afteroon
Day Send beam through Compton chicane, Compton commissioning. (ongoing) Compton commissioning started at 1pm
Swing Production condition test. Rate scan (Dustin) and width studies (KK).
Friday, June 28 Owl
Saturday, June 29 Owl
Sunday, June 30 Owl
Day Moller commissioning.

Instructions for RC

  • Let the day shift know what to do while you attend the MCC meeting
  • Copy the daily run plans for the previous week to the Run plan history
  • Copy the Run Plan Template table to this page and change the dates
  • Update the plan above (if necessary) after the MCC meeting