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Daily Run Plan

Here are details of the daily run plan. See also the global Run Plan. The person responsible should ensure that a crew of experts is available for the shift. This schedule will be updated frequently by the Run Coordinator as the situation on the ground changes.

3/30 3/31
Daily Run Plan for PREX   (latest at bottom)
Date (2010) Shift ---------- Activity (Responsible) ---------- --- Status ---
03/19 Day pump down; Møller, Compton, septum install; Q2 repair

Insert sieve. (Techs)

03/19 Swing Beam restore (B-team) done
03/20 Owl
  • Septum checkout (Michaels: Page when beam imminent & spectrometer ready)


  • Initial look at low current cavity monitors (Zafar: Page when beam imminent & spectrometer ready)
  • Target alignment (Michaels)
  • VDC checkout (Michaels)
  • Quartz detectors checkout (McNulty, Wexler -- page when VDC tracks seen)
  • GEM checkout (Camsonne -- page when VDC tracks seen, if left dipole is operating)

All at 1-2 µA.
Scattered energy ~ beam energy = 1.063 GeV.
Quad settings:

  • Right arm:
    • Q1: dI/dP= 411.2474 Amps/GeV/c
    • Q2: dI/dP= 436.2014 Amps/GeV/c
    • Q3: dI/dP= 433.3897 Amps/GeV/c
  • Left Arm:
    • Q1: dI/dP= 419.8772 Amps/GeV/c
    • Q2: dI/dP= 435.6273 Amps/GeV/c
    • Q3: dI/dP= 434.9682 Amps/GeV/c

"Usual" polarity

03/20 Day Beam off & hall open 9:00 am

Quads repair; Compton install; GEM install; signals debugging. Leave sieves in. (Techs)

03/20 Swing
  • Close up hall
  • Benesch tuning (1/2 - 2 hours)
  • Verify quad polarities (Camsonne)
  • Cavity monitors basic function test (Zafar)
  • Low current cavity monitors setup (Musson, Zafar)
3/21 Owl
  • Low current cavity monitors setup (Musson, Zafar)
  • Access for GEM installation (Camsonne)
done but GEMs not ready
3/21 Day
  • Spectrometer checkout:
    • Quartz detectors checkout (McNulty, Wexler)
    • Lumi checkout (Mercado) (2 µA on Ta)
    • GEM checkout (Camsonne?)
  • A line tuning (Benesch)
  • Raster checkout
  • Access:
    • Low current cavities
    • Target position
    • Quartz
    • Scintillator alignment
    • LQ2
3/21 Swing
  • Low current cavity monitors setup (Michaels, Zafar)
  • Remove sieves
  • Initial look at sieve out data
  • Replace sieves
3/22 Owl
  • Pointing measurement (Riordan)
  • Remove sieves
  • Repeat pointing measurements with no sieves
  • If done or unable to continue before 4 am page Luis Mercado to do lumi checks
  • After 4 am page Dustin McNulty for detector work
3/22 Day
  • Optics (Liyanage)Sieve OUT. NB Current limit 2 uA!
3/22 Swing
  • Optics continued, sieve IN. NB Current limit 2 uA! (Shift Crew)
3/23 Owl
  • Quartz detectors resolution studies (KK, Dustin, John W)
  • Lumi studies (Luis)
3/23 Day
  • Remove water target. (Target, Techs)
  • Reconfigure Moller cryo.
  • Beam studies ~ 2pm, study of helicity correlated position differences for spin flipper states. (Dalton, Rupesh, Reza)
water cell removed, rest not finished
3/23 Swing
  • Target pumpdown
3/24 Owl
  • Target pumpdown
3/24 Day
  • Target cooldown
3/24 Swing
  • Tune high current beam into Hall A
3/25 Owl
  • Commission lead target, 50 uA (Bob)
  • Lumis and oversampling tests (KK, Luis, Paul)
in progress
3/25 Day
  • Access to fix left dipole
3/25 Swing
  • Parity Quality commissioning (Kent, Rupesh, Luis, Dustin)
  • Beam monitor calibrations (Diancheng Wang, Xiaoyan Deng)
3/26 Owl
  • High Luminosity Detector Commissioning
in progress
3/26 Day
  • Moller Checkout
3/26 Swing
  • High Current on C12 (thick and thin)
partly done
3/27 Owl no beam
3/27 Day no beam
3/27 Swing
  • High-current on thick C12, adjust HV (Luis or Bob)
  • Finish the commissioning of thick Pb target (Bob, Ahmed)
  • Electronic Commissioning (KK, Luis, Paul, Jon et al)
done, high-current tests continue
3/28 Owl
  • Continue with the above, if necessary.
  • High Luminosity Commissioning (Rupesh, Luis, Jon, Bob)
  • BCM/BPM calibration (Rupesh)
  • Establishing Parity Measurements, Charge feedback, blinding (Rupesh, Jon)
no finished
3/28 Day
  • Comparison Study of Optics Tunes (Seamus, Nilanga, Kiad)
  • Sometime before Monday, submit the ATLIS plan for Dithering test (Rupesh)
3/28 Swing
  • Continue Optics if necessary.
  • Continue High Luminosity Commissioning
3/29 Owl
  • Mini-production run (shift crew)
  • Stop beam at 07:00 or whenever Ed Folts asks to.
3/29 Day
  • Open Hall A to set up Moller and Compton (Ed Folts, Sasha, Sirish,
  • Work on GEMs (Alex, Seamus,
  • MCC to do beam studies while Hall A open
  • Detector linearity/LED tests (Luis)
  • Setup WAC analysis (Mark, Mindy)
3/29 Swing
  • Moller magnet cooldown
  • Optics and acceptance studies (Seamus, Ahmed, Nilanga)
3/30 Owl
  • Commission charge feedback (Mark)
  • Current monitor calibration and pedestals determination (Mark)
  • Quasi-production on Empty Target (owl shift crew)
3/30 Day
  • Access do work on Moller and Compton.
  • Some GEM installation work. (Alex, Seamus, Kiad, Nilanga)
  • Possible linearity/LED study. (Luis)
  • First Commissioning of Moller
  • Beam Studies of Helicity Correlations
  • Q2 Measurements
3/31 Day
  • Beam Tuning (Jay Benesch)
3/31 Swing
4/1 Owl