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Global Run Plan

Current Daily Run Plans

The current day is indicated by a color.

Day, Date Shift Tasks (Responsible Party) Status
Monday, August 12 Owl Production running at 70uA with
  1. Production running at 70uA
  2. Commissioning targets required for Transverse measurements include raster size calibrations
Swing Production running at 70uA
Tuesday, August 13 Owl Production running at 70uA
  1. Planned accelerator downtime:Beam studies
  2. Preparations for Transverse Polarized Measurement
Swing Transverse Polarized Measurement
Wednesday, August 14 Owl Transverse Polarized Measurement
  1. Transverse Polarized Measurement
  2. Wein Flip back to `Right'
  1. Transverse work done at ~10:30.
  2. Hand things off to OPS for beam studies and Wien flip.
  1. Establish PQB after Wien flip
  2. PITA scan
Production running at 70uA
  1. Caryn checks PQB (at ILD). Done by ~16:30
  2. PITA scan ~18:45
  3. Moved to D5-208Pb8-D6 target ~20:45
Thursday, August 15 Owl Production running at 70uA
Day Production running at 70uA
Swing Production running at 70uA
Friday, August 16 Owl
Saturday, August 17 Owl
Sunday, August 18 Owl

Previous Daily Run Plans

Instructions for RC

  • Let the day shift know what to do while you attend the MCC meeting
  • Copy the daily run plans for the previous week to the Run plan history
  • Copy the Run Plan Template table to this page and change the dates
  • Update the plan above (if necessary) after the MCC meeting