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Daily Run Plan

Here are details of the daily run plan. See also the global Run Plan. The person responsible should ensure that a crew of experts is available for the shift. This schedule will be updated frequently by the Run Coordinator as the situation on the ground changes.

Last update: Mar 19, 2010.

Daily Run Plan for PREX   (latest at bottom)
Date (2010) Shift ---------- Activity (Responsible) ------------- Status ---
03/19 day pump down; Møller, Compton, septum install; Q2 repair
Insert sieve. (Techs)
03/19 swing Beam restore (B-team) not done
03/20 owl Septum checkout (Michaels: Page when beam imminent & spectrometer ready)

Initial look at low current cavity monitors (Zafar: Page when beam imminent & spectrometer ready)
Target alignment (Michaels)
VDC checkout (Michaels)
Quartz detectors checkout (McNulty, Wexler -- page when VDC tracks seen)
GEM checkout (Camsonne -- page when VDC tracks seen, if left dipole is operating)

All at 1-2 µA.
Scattered energy ~ beam energy = 1.063 GeV.
Quad settings:
Right arm:
Q1: dI/dP= 411.2474 Amps/GeV/c
Q2: dI/dP= 436.2014 Amps/GeV/c
Q3: dI/dP= 433.3897 Amps/GeV/c

Left Arm:
Q1: dI/dP= 419.8772 Amps/GeV/c
Q2: dI/dP= 435.6273 Amps/GeV/c
Q3: dI/dP= 434.9682 Amps/GeV/c

not done
03/20 day Beam off & hall open 9:00 am

Quads repair; Compton install

Remove sieve (Techs)
not done
03/20 swing Low current cavity monitors setup (Musson)

Spectrometer checkout
VDC checkout
Quartz detectors checkout
GEM checkout
Lumi checkout

All at <~ 100 nA.
not done