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Daily Run Plan

Here are details of the daily run plan. See also the global Run Plan. The person responsible should ensure that a crew of experts is available for the shift. This schedule will be updated frequently by the Run Coordinator as the situation on the ground changes.

Daily Run Plan for PREX   (latest at bottom)
Date (2010) Shift ---------- Activity (Responsible) ---------- --- Status ---
03/19 Day pump down; Møller, Compton, septum install; Q2 repair

Insert sieve. (Techs)

03/19 Swing Beam restore (B-team) done
03/20 Owl
  • Septum checkout (Michaels: Page when beam imminent & spectrometer ready)


  • Initial look at low current cavity monitors (Zafar: Page when beam imminent & spectrometer ready)
  • Target alignment (Michaels)
  • VDC checkout (Michaels)
  • Quartz detectors checkout (McNulty, Wexler -- page when VDC tracks seen)
  • GEM checkout (Camsonne -- page when VDC tracks seen, if left dipole is operating)

All at 1-2 µA.
Scattered energy ~ beam energy = 1.063 GeV.
Quad settings:

  • Right arm:
    • Q1: dI/dP= 411.2474 Amps/GeV/c
    • Q2: dI/dP= 436.2014 Amps/GeV/c
    • Q3: dI/dP= 433.3897 Amps/GeV/c
  • Left Arm:
    • Q1: dI/dP= 419.8772 Amps/GeV/c
    • Q2: dI/dP= 435.6273 Amps/GeV/c
    • Q3: dI/dP= 434.9682 Amps/GeV/c

"Usual" polarity

03/20 Day Beam off & hall open 9:00 am

Quads repair; Compton install; GEM install; signals debugging. Leave sieves in. (Techs)

03/20 Swing
  • Close up hall
  • Benesch tuning (1/2 - 2 hours)
  • Verify quad polarities (Camsonne)
  • Cavity monitors basic function test (Zafar)
  • Low current cavity monitors setup (Musson, Zafar)
3/21 Owl
  • Low current cavity monitors setup (Musson, Zafar)
  • Access for GEM installation (Camsonne)
done but GEMs not ready
3/21 Day
  • Spectrometer checkout:
    • Quartz detectors checkout (McNulty, Wexler)
    • Lumi checkout (Mercado) (2 µA on Ta)
    • GEM checkout (Camsonne?)
  • A line tuning (Benesch)
  • Raster checkout
  • Access:
    • Low current cavities
    • Target position
    • Quartz
    • Scintillator alignment
    • LQ2
3/21 Swing
  • Low current cavity monitors setup (Michaels, Zafar)
  • Remove sieves
  • Initial look at sieve out data
  • Replace sieves
3/22 Owl
  • Pointing measurement (Riordan)
  • Remove sieves
  • Repeat pointing measurements with no sieves
  • If done or unable to continue before 4 am page Luis Mercado to do lumi checks
  • After 4 am page Dustin McNulty for detector work
3/22 Day
  • Optics (Liyanage)Sieve OUT. NB Current limit 2 uA!
3/22 Swing
  • Optics continued, sieve IN. NB Current limit 2 uA! (Shift Crew)
3/23 Owl
  • Quartz detectors resolution studies (KK, Dustin, John W)
  • Lumi studies (Luis)
3/23 Day
  • Remove water target. (Target, Techs)
  • Reconfigure Moller cryo.
  • Beam studies ~ 2pm, study of helicity correlated position differences for spin flipper states. (Dalton, Rupesh, Reza)
water cell removed, rest not finished
3/23 Swing
  • Target pumpdown
3/24 Owl
  • Target pumpdown
3/24 Day
  • Target cooldown
3/24 Swing
  • Tune high current beam into Hall A
3/25 Owl
  • Commission lead target, 50 uA (Bob)
  • Lumis and oversampling tests (KK, Luis, Paul)
in progress
3/25 Day
  • Access to fix left dipole
3/25 Swing
  • Parity Quality commissioning (Kent, Rupesh, Luis, Dustin)
  • Beam monitor calibrations (Diancheng Wang, Xiaoyan Deng)
3/26 Owl
  • High Luminosity Detector Commissioning
in progress
3/26 Day
  • Moller Checkout
3/26 Swing
  • High Current on C12 (thick and thin)
partly done
3/27 Owl no beam
3/27 Day no beam
3/27 Swing
  • High-current on thick C12, adjust HV (Luis or Bob)
  • Finish the commissioning of thick Pb target (Bob, Ahmed)
  • Electronic Commissioning (KK, Luis, Paul, Jon et al)
3/28 Owl
  • Continue with the above, if necessary.
  • Establishing Parity Measurements, IA feedback, blinding (Rupesh, Jon)
  • High Luminosity Commissioning (Rupesh, Luis, Jon, Bob)
3/28 Day
  • Comparison Study of Optics Tunes (Seamus, Nilanga, Kiad)
  • Sometime before Monday, submit the ATLIS plan for Dithering test (Rupesh)
3/28 Swing
  • Continue Optics if necessary.
  • Continue High Luminosity Commissioning
3/29 Owl
  • Mini-production run (shift crew)
  • Stop beam at 07:00 or whenever Ed Folts asks to.
3/29 Day
  • Open Hall A to set up Moller and Compton (Ed Folts, Sasha, Sirish,
  • Work on GEMs (Alex, Seamus,
  • MCC to do beam studies while Hall A open
  • Detector linearity/LED tests (Luis)
  • Setup WAC analysis (Mark, Mindy)
3/29 Swing
  • First Moller Commissioning (Sasha)
  • Or, if Moller not ready, check Final Alignment of detectors, position A_T (Dustin)
3/30 Owl
  • If opening Hall A during day, do Parity Quality Beam checks(Rupesh, Kent, Mark)
  • If not opening Hall A during day, do quasi-production on Lead (Jon, Ahmed)
3/30 Day
  • If Hall A not in access, do the ATLIS plan: Commission Dithering (Rupesh, Kent)
  • If Hall A in access do work on Moller and Compton.