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(Current Daily Run Plans)
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| Day
| Day
| Spin dance start at 7am if Hall C ready   
| Spin dance start at 7am if Hall C ready   
| Notified by Dave that Spin Dance will likely be moved to Friday
| Swing
| Swing

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Current Daily Run Plans

The current day is indicated by a color.

Day, Date Shift Tasks (Responsible Party) Comments/Status
Wednesday, December 11 Owl No beam all shift; commincation b/t MCC, Hall, and techs was insufficient regarding this valve problem...Shifters could not get any info on the problem or its progress towards resolution... Continued confusion about what to do with valve problem...Pete Francis get's in at 4am and starts diagnosing
Day No beam all shift; trouble shooting remote communication problems on beamline valves and vacuum pressure monitors. Pete determined it's not a networking issue (other systems on the crate work); it's localized to the status readback and controller cards specific for the valves in the CAMAC crate. Isolated problem to outdated software libraries that crept into system during the RF stress test raster fixes. This problem also affected all downstream of target valves--they were reported as open, but where closed... There is also a problem with 3 cold-cathode probes--not reading back properly (too good and quiet).
Swing When beam is back: Continue spectrometer commissioning with low current (steps 11-13): Frame finding/centering, Q2 and quartz rate study on C-1%, Ca-40, and Ca-48 (Devi or Chandan); verify quartz alignment for Ca-48 (Devi); A_T "box" scans (Devi) Expect very similar rates for all three targets: ~700k Hz per uA T1 scalar rate
Thursday, December 12 Owl Finish low current plans, if necessary; then begin a modified high current checkout (note that the ion chamber calibration has already been completed); proceed with steps 1) Basic setup, except with 1% C target and not steering through Compton 2) UNSER calibration (also with 1% C target); then thermal break-in procedure for targets; if these steps are complete continue taking data on Ca-48 (carefully monitoring temps and widths) What other beam instrumentation could be checked-out during thermal break-ins?
Day Spin dance start at 7am if Hall C ready Notified by Dave that Spin Dance will likely be moved to Friday
Swing if no spin dance during Day, then continue high-current commissioning When Compton laser system is ready OR we are ready for production data: Preferred order is -Tune through the Compton chicane, ion chamber (re-)calibration, FFB, and BMW target out--phase advance setup and for production target.
Friday, December 13 Owl high-current commissioning
Day spin dance (if not already done)? OR more high-current commissioning; also possible loss of beam for ramp test in Hall C (2-3 hours)
Swing high-current commissioning/pre-production Goal is to get the beamline instrumentation ready for PQB to get a look at regression and widths, etc. (pre-production)
Saturday, December 14 Owl
Day Will lose beam at some point so Hall C can go to 5 pass Note these "no beam" shifts are subject to a change in start time
Swing No beam?
Sunday, December 15 Owl No beam?
Day No beam?
Swing No beam?
Monday, December 16 Owl No beam?
Day No beam?
Swing No beam?
Tuesday, December 17 Owl No beam?
Day Get beam back in Hall A?
Wednesday, December 18 Owl

Previous Daily Run Plans

Instructions for RC

  • Let the day shift know what to do while you attend the MCC meeting
  • Copy the daily run plans for the previous week to the Run plan history CREX
  • Copy the Run Plan Template table to this page and change the dates
  • Update the plan above (if necessary) after the MCC meeting