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Current Daily Run Plans

The current day is indicated by a color.

Day, Date Shift Tasks (Responsible Party) Comments/Status
Wednesday, December 4 Owl No shift
Day Magnet work...
Swing Magnet work...until Jack ready to leave 4-8pm. Then 5pass tuning into A.
Thursday, December 5 Owl 5pass tuning into A.
Day RF stress test to A/RF fixing Burned up 3 raster power supplies (ended test at 4:15pm!)
Swing Go to 1 pass; Septum problem (only up to 400 A); collimator centering; polarity check Set HRS tune P for this septum setting for polarity check--not conclusive
Friday, December 6 Owl spectrometer setup did not allow target alignment checks Beam gone at 3:40am due to Network issue
Day Hall surveyed and in controlled access all day; remove diffusor at end? Septum control software fix; compton e-det work; network issues run down; raster sync problem fixed
Swing lock up hall; reverse septum polarity; raster size and hole locations Left arm NMR probe lock not working--will have to use Hall probe; couldn't put any beam on Ca-40 due to dump FSDs (and beam optics problem -- MOLLER quads set too high)
Saturday, December 7 Owl Tried ion-chamber calibration, but failed; started spec commissioning First pass optics DB looks good; started septum setting and inner edge searches. Right dipole tripped so need to redo inner edge search
Day Jay re-establishes Yves nominal crex beam transport setup; re-check raster size (1.8 x 1.4 now is ~2 mm x 2 mm); new hole centers (did not change much); ion-chamber calibrations done for No target, C-1%, Ca-40, and Pb#4 (on cold ladder); resumed spec. commissioning Found out reason for raster optics issues: Moller quads not set correctly after 5-pass backout
Swing Re-did inner-edge septum scan, spot minimization chase (Sangwa, Ciprian) with quartz checkout (Devi); (call Bob) start optics commissioning We established the preliminary 2mm x 2mm (+/-0.1mm) raster (1.8 x 1.4 MCC), but should be double checked/tweaked before going high current on Calcium
Sunday, December 8 Owl Continued Optics commissioning: dp scans with water-cell measurements most of shift Experts coming in: Bob, Chandan, and Siyu
Day Authorize 150uA; finish optics commissioning; Followup optics studies performed: Q1 scans (-10 to -20%) at +5% septum, nominal tune "P", find best Q1 setting, then scan Q3's to effectively minimumize the FP y widths th coupling, a lack of the "bow-tie" FP theta v. phi shape, and anomalous structures in the dispersive-x FD distributions
Swing Established CREX tune: "tune P" with +5% septum, -17%/-15% LQ1/RQ1, -5% Q3s. Redo dp optics scan but without w-cell runs, y-target reconstruction
Monday, December 9 Owl Finish sieve-in optics plan. Take access for removing sieves; Frame finding and centering for C-1%, Ca-40, and Ca-48; verify quartz alignment; do Q^2 measurements (C-1%, Ca-40, Ca-48); quartz rate study for C-1%, Ca-40, and Ca-48; Expect very similar rates for all three targets: ~150 - 200k Hz per uA Experts coming in: Bob, Chandan, and Devi
Day high-current commissioning: setup 150uA to dump no target (can do first Unser calibration here); set SAM detector HVs; execute Silviu's slow thermal break-in procedure for Ca-40 (and then Ca-48). What other beam instrumentation could be checked-out during thermal break-ins? When to do Compton chicane tuning? and ion chamber calibration, FFB, and BMW target out--phase advance setup and for production target. This is the preferred order
Swing continued high current commissioning activities
Tuesday, December 10 Owl pre-production
Day Spin dance? Spin dance if Hall C ready
Swing production
Wednesday, December 11 Owl production
Day production
Swing production

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Instructions for RC

  • Let the day shift know what to do while you attend the MCC meeting
  • Copy the daily run plans for the previous week to the Run plan history CREX
  • Copy the Run Plan Template table to this page and change the dates
  • Update the plan above (if necessary) after the MCC meeting