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Current Daily Run Plans

The current day is indicated by a color.

Day, Date Shift Tasks (Responsible Party) Comments/Status
Wednesday, December 4 Owl No shift
Day Magnet work...
Swing Magnet work...until Jack ready to leave 4-8pm. Then 5pass tuning into A.
Thursday, December 5 Owl 5pass tuning into A.
Day RF stress test to A/RF fixing Burned up 3 raster power supplies (ended test at 4:15pm!)
Swing Go to 1 pass; Septum problem (only up to 400 A); collimator centering; polarity check Set HRS tune P for this septum setting for polarity check--not conclusive
Friday, December 6 Owl spectrometer setup did not allow target alignment checks Beam gone at 3:40am due to Network issue
Day Hall surveyed and in controlled access all day; remove diffusor at end? Septum control software fix; compton e-det work; network issues run down; raster sync problem fixed
Swing lock up hall; reverse septum polarity; raster size and hole locations Left arm NMR probe lock not working--will have to use Hall probe; couldn't put any beam on Ca-40 due to dump FSDs (and beam optics problem -- MOLLER quads set too high)
Saturday, December 7 Owl Tried ion-chamber calibration, but failed; started spec commissioning First pass optics DB looks good; started septum setting and inner edge searches. Right dipole tripped so need to redo inner edge search
Day Jay re-establishes Yves nominal crex beam transport setup; re-check raster size (1.8 x 1.4 now is ~2 mm x 2 mm); new hole centers (did not change much); ion-chamber calibrations done for No target, C-1%, Ca-40, and Pb#4 (on cold ladder); resumed spec. commissioning Found out reason for raster optics issues: Moller quads not set correctly after 5-pass backout causing wide and short raster settings that evolve to tall and narrow raster at the dump (but 2x2 at the target)...
Swing Re-did inner-edge septum scan, spot minimization chase (Sangwa, Ciprian) with quartz checkout (Devi); (call Bob) start optics commissioning We established the preliminary 2mm x 2mm (+/-0.1mm) raster (1.8 x 1.4 MCC), but should be double checked/tweaked before going high current on Calcium
Sunday, December 8 Owl Continued Optics commissioning: dp scans with water-cell measurements most of shift Experts coming in: Bob, Chandan, and Siyu
Day Authorize 150uA; finish optics commissioning; Followup optics studies performed: Q1 scans (-10 to -20%) at +5% septum, nominal tune "P", find best Q1 setting, then scan Q3's to effectively minimumize the FP y widths The established tune "P" for crex gave large x/th coupling, a lack of the "bow-tie" FP theta v. phi shape, and anomalous structures in the dispersive-x FD distributions; seems to be some quad strength in the septum field that is cancelled out by lowering Q1
Swing Established CREX tune: "tune P" with +5% septum, -17%/-15% LQ1/RQ1, -5% Q3s. Redo dp optics scan but without w-cell runs, y-target reconstruction Right dipole tripped OFF at 10:15pm, started ramping back up at 3AM. Aborted sieve-in optics.
Monday, December 9 Owl Took sieves out and proceeded with frame finding/quartz alignment and rate activities. Bob is working to fix left arm spot. R dipole back and stable by 6am, however N Lical went down at 5:30am due to vacuum issue(s) Experts coming in: Bob, Chandan, and Devi
Day SL shift cancelled; TO still required. Hall surveyed and in Controlled Access for opportunistic work Compton work in the hall; Accelerator down at least until 8 AM next day and may restore beam delivery by 12pm tomorrow
Swing SL shift cancelled; TO still required
Tuesday, December 10 Owl SL shift cancelled; TO still required
Day Still investigating vacuum issues in the N. Linac. Spectrometers up and running smooth Hall in Controlled Access for more Compton e-det and laser work; Hall is ready for beam. Caryn is coordinating a solution to the raster size and FSD lower limit issues
Swing N. Linac problem fixed; waiting for beam Around 10pm, accel was ready but Ops-controlled valves in the A-line downstream of the wall were not remotely controlable and no remote status update. Problem was investigated, but not properly escalated and continued into Owl
Wednesday, December 11 Owl No beam all shift; commincation b/t MCC, Hall, and techs was insufficient regarding this problem...Shifters could not get any info on the problem or its progress towards resolution... Continued confusion about what to do with valve problem...Pete Francis get's in at 4am and starts diagnosing
Day When beam is back: finish low current plans: Frame finding and centering for C-1%, Ca-40, and Ca-48; verify quartz alignment for Ca-48; do Q^2 measurements (C-1%, Ca-40, Ca-48); quartz rate study for C-1%, Ca-40, and Ca-48; Expect very similar rates for all three targets: ~700k Hz per uA T1 scalar rate Pete determined it's not a networking issue (other systems on the crate work); it's localized to the status readback and controller cards specific for the valves in the CAMAC crate.
Swing go to high-current checkout: setup 150uA to dump no target (can do first Unser calibration here); set SAM and quartz HVs for integration mode; execute Silviu's slow thermal break-in procedure for Ca-40 (and then Ca-48). What other beam instrumentation could be checked-out during thermal break-ins? We need to know our target centers, quartz alignment, Q^2 and a focal plane rate estimate before going to high-current integration mode
Thursday, December 12 Owl high-current commissioning When to do Compton chicane tuning? and ion chamber calibration, FFB, and BMW target out--phase advance setup and for production target. This is the preferred order
Day high-current commissioning
Swing high-current commissioning/pre-production Goal is to get the beamline instrumentation ready for PQB to get a look at regression and widths, etc. (pre-production)

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Instructions for RC

  • Let the day shift know what to do while you attend the MCC meeting
  • Copy the daily run plans for the previous week to the Run plan history CREX
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