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First, follow the instructions for Setting up postpan and Setting up japan.

Running ./ again on the same run number will create files with the same name. So rename your output files if you are going to do this, so you can keep track of them.

  • To run prompt-analysis

Go to the prex-prompt directory and do,

./ <run_number>
  • Making summary plots for single run
./ <run_number>
  • For list of runs, make a list of runs in a file and do,
./ <runlist_filename>

This will analyse and plot the run number that you gave. Your plots will be saved in "SummaryPlots" folder and text file will be saved at "SummaryText" folder. The root file will be saved in "japanOutput" folder.

  • script uploads plots and text summary to the webpage. So be mindful

when pushing this button.