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== HV settings ==
== HV settings ==
Please visit <B>[https://prex.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/HVgui]</B>
== Shutters ==
== Shutters ==

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For Shift Workers

  • Call an expert!

For Experts

The SAMs are small angle monitors to measure the luminosity... They are installed downstream of ...

HV settings

Please visit [1]


Instructions to control shutters, If the SAM SHUTTER GUI is not already in use:

Image 1
  • Log in as pi@rpi2-prex (ask RC or expert for password).
  • cd into Shutter directory.
  • Run ./shutter_gui.
  • A gui will pop up (See image alongside).
    • Checking a box on the left of a shutter name will turn ON the corresponding shutter while unchecking will turn the shutter OFF.
    • Checking the box for ALL SHUTTERs turns ON all the shutters.
      • Make sure to uncheck individual boxes when you are checking ALL SHUTTERs box, otherwise it may not work properly.
  • Once EXIT button is clicked all shutters will turn OFF.


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