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The SAMs are small angle monitors to measure the luminosity... They are installed downstream of ...

HV settings


Instructions to control shutters, If the SAM SHUTTER GUI is not already in use:

Image 1
  • Log in as pi@rpi2-prex (ask RC or expert for password).
  • cd into Shutter directory.
  • Run . shutter_gui.
  • A gui will pop up (See image alongside).
    • Checking a box on the left of a shutter name will turn ON the corresponding shutter while unchecking will turn the shutter OFF.
    • Checking the box for ALL SHUTTERs turns ON all the shutters.
      • Make sure to uncheck individual boxes when you are checking ALL SHUTTERs box, otherwise it may not work properly.
  • Once EXIT button is clicked all shutters will turn OFF.


At some point this may be
>No longer in use