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We will log bad boards and upload plots and descriptions of problems to: https://misportal.jlab.org/mis/apps/peer/submit.cfm

  • Run 1654 - testing a board to replace CH "vqwk1" "bad" board
    • Plots
    • It works, this board can be used - has label on top "MDBKG"
    • This board is then used to replace the board in CH "vqwk1" and Tao has taken data to establish pedestals
    • HAPLOG 3619 describes BPM 8 test with new ADC in CH crate
    • run 1233 and 1234 were used to test (run 1233 had address conflict, so ignore)
  • Run 1655 - A board that was laying around, board 26
  • Run 1656 - testing original CH "vqwk1" "bad" board (top 4 channels are bad, ch's 4-7).
    • Plots
    • Top 4 channels are bad, as seen in CH crate data
  • Run 1657 - test ADC 15, the one with the strangely wired and tied on Op Amp
  • Run 1658 - test ADC 37 - ISU board that has recently had new channels go bad on it