Taking MAIN detector Counting Run

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  • Set the HV for DN-Quartz (MAIN) detectors in both arms to -1900V (as explained in HVgui)
  • Enable the HV channels
  • Turn ON scintillators
  • Turn ON VDCs (NOTE:Make sure the scintillator rate is below 500k before turning VDC ON)
  • Take counting runs on both arms (LHRS and RHRS) atleast 200k events
  • To analyze the runs:
    • ssh -Y a-onl@aonl
    • goprex
    • analyzer -l
    • .x setup2.C(runnumber,200000)
  • When you are done with taking counting data turn OFF the DN-Quartz (MAIN) detectors HVs
  • For safety, set their HV to production level at the end