Target density variation check

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  • First measurement 09/02/2019
    • HALOG summary
    • Target #7 and #10 were checked for current range 5-70uA
    • Septum mistuned on purpose in order to reduce rates, T2 trigger is used
    • Sieve in
    • Clear non-uniformity observed from degraded target (#10) compared to good (still in use) target (#7).
    • More visible at higher current, but hint of similar signature of density rearrangement seen at low current.
    • Consistent results from both LHRS and RHRS spot data

  • Second measurement 09/03/2019
    • HALOG summary
    • Took high statistics run at very low current (30nA requested), Target #10
    • Similar result shown in RHRS data as previous high current test
    • Different distribution in LHRS is puzzling