TransverseAnalysisMeeting July 14 2020

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Logistic information

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  1. Preliminary plots: Ciprian haplog4147
    • KK: Interesting fact: Linear fit going through 0 is clearly inconsistent with data.
    • KK: Interesting fact: The data is showing the Q dependence is power less than 1
    • KK: Interesting fact: Ca40/48 sit on top of each other; it doesn't go to lower value (more N closer to Pb)
    • KK: we are the only measurements that are fwd angle where the optical theorem works and we cleanly cut out the inelastic data (Si, Zr data don't have inelastic but are not fwd angle)
    • KK: might be useful to make a plot * Z/A
    • DM: the "high Q2" for the Pb data at 2GeV is probably related to the high C contamination. KK: agreed, we should make sure we correct this in the final publication.
  2. RyR: limited data on C1%, the data was taken before we moved the tgt encoder. CG: this should in principle would be ok. We should evaluate the to see if it gives us all we need or we need to get more data to get an appropriate error bar.


Devi A, Kent P, KK, Paul K, Robert R, Ryan R, Weibin Z, Cameron C, Ciprian G, David A, Caryn P, Dustin M, Sakib R, Can't make it: