TransverseAnalysisMeeting June 2 2020

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Logistic information

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  1. CREX AT runs update: Weibin & Robert haplog4120
    • WZ: for the dpp i have the mean and RMS
    • KK: it's important to see the tails (5-10 sigma away) and log plots
    • KK: for the narrow peak we should look into detail (vs event number)
    • Ryan: started looking at the form factors. At 2GeV the C fraction is much larger than at 1GeV. 4.2MHz for C and 13.6MHz for Pb. Still cross checking the form factors. DA: Using a different technique, I get 2.23 ration of C/Pb (will upload calculation). These are different things and Devi and Ryan will work through it.
    • CG: we should get some dithering results for these runs as well.
  2. PREX2 AT runs update: Ryan haplog4119
    • Ryan: still need to recover what the raster size is.
    • CG: we should confirm 4120, 4121 was hitting the frame. Ryan: will do
    • Ryan: will work on getting more detailed plots (similar to what Weibin has)
    • KK: we should double check why the difference in the error bar to the average between the dithering and regression. Ryan: will work on plots (maybe vs minirun). KK: the dithering mostly likely will need work (together with the dithering experts). Ryan: will work with Devi
  3. PREX1 AT systematics summary: Ciprian
    • next time


KK, Dustin M, Devi A, Ryan R, Robert R, Weibin Z, Sakib R, Ciprian G, David A