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Why is this called "User talk: Jixie Zhang".  In fact it is an AUXILIARY MEASUREMENT RUN PLAN from Prex-I.

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Why is this called "User talk: Jixie Zhang". In fact it is an AUXILIARY MEASUREMENT RUN PLAN from Prex-I.


The following tables show the auxiliary measurements for the remainder of PREx.
This will be discussed at the June 11 (Friday) 3 pm meeting -- both the list of plans and the priorities.

The plans belong to 3 categories of priority:

  • Plans we MUST perform.
  • Plans we'd LIKE to perform, but lower priority.
  • Plans we MAYBE want to do (very low priority).
"MUST DO" Plans
Plan Duration|Status Personnel
Blinded Tube Test done D. McNulty, K. Kumar, J. Wexler
Further Current Calibrations with PREx Det 2 hours Z. Ahmed
Transverse Polarization Measurements. done Setup by J. Grames.
High Statistics Lead Inelastics done A. Camsonne

"LIKE TO DO" Plans.
Plan Duration|Status Personnel
Oversampling by 2 at 120 Hz few days setup by experts
Q2 with GEMs done A. Camsonne, M.Friends
Backgrounds: Dipole Scan, up and down 6 hours, Finish left arm,
right arm measurement is pending
M. Dalton, Mindy
Beam-Induced Linearity Studies 2 hours K. Kumar, K. Paschke, R. Silwal

MAYBE Plans. Rather low priority.
Plan Duration|Status Personnel
Further 10 nA Cavity Monitor Tests 4 hours Z. Ahmed, R. Michaels
calibration of the
cavities with the amplifier
done Z. Ahmed
More Moller Commissioning 12 hours Moller crew (note Sasha is leaving town)

Commnets: KK suggested putting "Transverse running" into "must do" and "beam induced linearity studies" into "like to do".

Bob edited the above table per KK's request

By Joe Grames: Hi Bob,

Wrt "Transverse Polarization Running" the spin rotator knobs of the INJTWF make this now rather simple. If your tolerance is <5 deg of vertical this can be done without Mott measurements and setup time is <30 minutes. If your tolerance is <2 degrees then Mott measurements are required and setup time is <2 hours. Backout of either to the original condition is likely <30 minutes.

Most importantly give the PD some advance warning.