WAC Notes April 1 2020

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April 1 2020

Weekly Meeting BlueJeans

  • Run List spreadsheet
  • List of calibration runs
  • Full Experiment Aggregator chained file: ~/PREX/prompt/aggRootfiles/slugRootfiles/grandRootfile/CREX-full-miniruns.root
  • PREX version: ~/PREX/prompt/aggRootfiles/PREXII_slugRootfiles/grandRootfile/PREX-full-miniruns.root (maybe 20% of the data got messed up somehow :/ )


Finalize Run List

We meed to go through all of our notes and make sure any loose ends are tied off, and that all cuts are applied as needed. We should also decide which run ranges should receive which pedestals, as well as dithering slopes (mostly done). There are also some additional items to add into regression and dithering corrections for AT and SAM analyses.

    • Finalize Run List (spreadsheet)
      • Go through all WAC Notes
      • Go through runs with curious behavior from full-CREX aggregated file (~/PREX/prompt/aggRootfiles/slugRootfiles/grandRootfile/CREX-full-miniruns.root)
      • Verify all needed cuts
      • Apply pedestals to accurate run ranges
      • Finalize dithering slopes
    • Go back over pedestal analyses again, triple check the list of calibrations and incidents
    • Add more AT combos
    • Add more SAM combos?