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December 15 2019

Daily Meeting BlueJeans

Production Run List - Slug 104 - pre-Production

  • Good - Run 5477 - Ca48 150uA - Cut out the first 45k events due to strong beam instability
  • Good - Run 5478 -

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

Pedestal/Calibrations Updates


  • Slug 104 has FFB turn on mid way through the slug - this makes the optics/energy in the HRS more comfortable and stable
  • SAM 7 is updated and ATs are moved at the end of slug 103 and ATs are moved at the end of slug 104, so these are bifurcations
  • Fixed the prompt summary to report correct number of patterns: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3753878
  • 12X energy shifting
    • Dispersion in the arc is measured as 0.4 MeV/mm
    • Dispersion in the HRS is 6.2 mm/MeV
    • Dithering does a 0.5 mm p2p fluctuation in 12 X -> 1.25 mm shift in the HRS Quartz
    • Normal running without FFB does 1 mm p2p fluctuations (over hour time scale) -> 2.5 mm shift in the HRS quartz
  • 5477.0 has a significant problem in JAPAN
  • Long vs. short bursts will require JAPAN rNd from Paul, etc.
  • The AT combos of interest are Ldd avg Rdd (for vertical transverse), Indd avg Outdd (most important for horizontal transverse), and dd's therein


  • Run 5474 is a current ramp for calibrating BCM Cav 4CQ, AT Rs, and SAM 7

Target/Energy Tolerances


Pedestals and Calibrations (respin first 4 slugs)


Committed: https://github.com/JeffersonLab/japan/commit/ddb956334b38acb124f67b1e841b5a02c761cc97

Other Status Updates


note regarding beammod analysis:

Running the BeamMod analysis for a single run.

From ~/PREX/prompt/bmodAna/ create a new beammod root file from the already prompted run (####) using command root -l -b -q bmodAna.C'(####,"max_input.list")'

then, to plot all combinations of alphas, deltas,and alpha/delta use the common root -l -b -q plotAD.C'("path/to/rootfile/created/by/the/previous/command.root")

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