WAC Notes January 29 2020

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January 29 2020

Daily Meeting BlueJeans

Production Run List - Slug 121 - IHWP OUT - Flip-RIGHT - Production

  • NeedCut/Decision - Run 6030 - 60 uA, probably good
  • NeedCut/Decision - Run 6031 - 60 uA, probably good
  • Good - Run 6032 - 10 minutes of 100 uA data -> Deemed good ex post facto
  • Good - Run 6033 - slow ramp ups of beam for safety I guess. Aq at 0.8 ppm mean, not ideal, but its ok for 20 minutes of good beam. Main det widths a bit low, at 767ppm, but probably just because we finally got 150 uA again. A det alignment check should come soon
  • Good - Run 6034 - similar to 6033... Aq mean a bit high, main dets see more rate than normal (765 ppm widths this time)
  • Good - Run 6036 - 140 uA run, so larger widths. Otherwise all good

Continued in WAC Notes January 31 2020 by Weibin

continue slug 121 on January 31

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

  • Recover needed - Run 6035 - sync problem, Trigger Supervisor synch issue mixes up the data, such that the charge normalization is broken and regression fails pretty bad. This data should be considered bad until some JAPAN fix can restore it
  • Need Cut - Run 6046 very large beam excursion in Y direction (~ 6 mm), cut it, making this run almost no events, so just mark it as junk
  • No beam - Run 6088

Pedestal/Calibrations Updates


  • FFB and orbit locks seem to be breaking, so there is no beam delivery for now


  • New sign corrected Grand Agg plots have been added to the WAC toolchain (make_grand_plots.sh)
  • We still need to do 1H01 BMOD tuning
  • And we need to get a fresh calibration run (which will be relevant for all data taken with the NEW target)
    • After that calibration run Ryan will likely move an AT or two (and need another calibration run)
  • Cameron is trying to get bmw corrected data into the WAC chain