WAC Notes July 18 2019

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July 18 2019 all 3 Shifts

Slug 5: 70 uA production

Data was recovered from 3424, 3429, and 3430 current ramp runs with better beam current lower limit cut

Slug 6: 50 uA Production

Lots of production, only 1 major problem (lost run 3533 with 9k muls due to blinder fail from EPICs fastlogger and Compton IOC)

Run list:

Slug 7: 50 uA Production

Production Run List (status at Midnight, end of 7/18/2019)

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

Pedestal/Calibrations Updates

In order to salvage current ramps and trips on large chunks of data and save time/save the regression/pedestal usefulness:

  • Change the lower limit current cut to be nominal-15 uA (35 for 50 uA, 55 for 70 uA)
  • Updating the event cuts to have nominal-15 uA beam current lower cut Starting at run 3456 (now) and also setting specifically for 3 70 uA current ramp runs 3424, 3429, 3430 (suspect Aq, but worth a try)


Other Status Updates

PQB runs need analyzing - see notes