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July 20 2019

Removed S0 -> begins Slug 8 at run 3453 (two arms) - 3454 (R arm trips) - 3486-> good 50 uA Left arm data

Production Run List

Non-Production Runs and Bad Runs

Pedestal/Calibrations Updates

  • Pedestals for 70 uA running (Slug 5, runs 3424 - 3432) have been recomputed and those runs are respun now (3:00 PM)
    • Main det, BCMs (beamline), and SAMs all with that run range now.
    • Git rm Parity/prminput/prexCH_beamline_pedestal.3425-.map


  • Slug 3 -> all have the wrong SAM pedestals
  • We need better Slug averaged plots, and Ciprian and Sakib are working on it
  • We have obtained plots for Slugs 1-8 using the list of parameters as it works now (~/PREX/prompt/collector/drawPostpan/drawPostPan.C(filename,descriptor,deviceList))
  • Right arm has been dead since run 3454 (2nd run of slug 8, and it was a needs-cuts run anyway)
  • FFB test during run 3486 and 3487
  • Runs 3489 and 3493 have some questionable regression during 1 minirun: too little data/noisy beam/FFB problems?? BPM 12 changes response after 3492
  • Runs 3496, 7, and 9 all have large RMS BCM noise
  • Runs 3498-3500 all have BPM4eX noise larger than normal
  • All slug 8 needed to be respun as an errant BPM 4a and 4e stability cut had been implemented, we are now needing to implement saturation cuts independently of stability cut for these BPMs (and maybe for 12 as well??)

Other Status Updates

  • S0 removed to begin slug 8
  • RQ2 being worked on
  • Spurious cut killed Data in online plots, but its ok now
  • CODA keeps glitching once every few hours
  • Japan doesn't keep track of missed helicity events
  • BCMs, DAQ: Initial DAQ Bandwidth test complete